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Why You Need a Gratitude Journal

The Golden Intuition Gratitude Challenge

Want to know where to start now that you’ve discovered the Law of Attraction?  Becoming a master manifestor takes some practice.  If you are going to be manifesting big things quickly, you’ll need to first master the basics.

One of the best first steps to manifesting your greatest desires is to first have a true appreciation for what you have.  There are literally millions, if not billions, of people out there to whom your life would be a dream come true.

Show your appreciation for what you do have to start emitting the positive energy vibrations that you need to become a Law of Attraction master.

Grab a journal, note paper, what ever you have handy and start today with my Gratitude Challenge:

By the end of the day today, make a list of 6 things you are grateful for in your life.  Write a list of 6 things every day for 60 days.

Your list may contain little or big things.  Here are some examples:

  1. The time I was able to spend with my children today.
  2. The bonus I received at work today.
  3. The entertainment of cats on the internet.
  4. The safe home I live in.
  5. The beautiful weather today.
  6. WINE.

Date each entry and commit to making an entry every day.  Your Gratitude Challenge will soon become a habit and sending out this positive energy will come naturally, freeing your mind to move on to the next steps of your journey to become a Manifestation Master.